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Bringing Science To Practice

Uptown Research Institute is a free-standing facility dedicated to the study and treatment of mental health disorders. For over fifteen years Uptown Research Institute (URI) has brought innovative treatment and compassionate care to residents of Chicago's Uptown neighborhood and the greater Chicagoland community. URI has partnered with the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, along with innovative biotechnology start-ups, to help develop novel treatments for chronic mental health disorders. Through clinical trials research, we work to discover the safety and effectiveness of new and emerging treatments for psychiatric conditions. As a leader in clinical trials, we offer patients one-on-one consultations to assess and recommend research and treatment opportunities. Our primary obligation is patient safety and wellness, ensured through Good Clinical Practice.

Our Mission

At Uptown Research Institute, we are "Bringing Science to Practice." Bringing together community volunteers with pharmaceutical innovators, we are committed to helping our neighbors by providing access to novel treatments. We serve society-at-large by helping develop new solutions to chronic problems and are dedicated to conducting the highest quality research in a compassionate and professional environment, ensuring each person the utmost level of care and respect.