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Uptown Mental Health consists of physicians, nurse practitioners, and psychologists, who use the latest evidence-based treatments to address a variety of mental health issues. If you are a client, your treatment plan can include medications, psychotherapy, or both. We are skilled in the screening, assessment, and treatment of depression, anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, addiction, psychosis and other mental health disorders. At Uptown Mental Health we recognize seeking help is a big step. We work hard to create a safe and comfortable environment.

Questions? Please direct any questions regarding Uptown Mental Health to Cassandra King at cking@uptownresearch.com or (773) 989-9691.

Accessibility & Communication: Uptown Mental Health staff are always accessible to clients. A staff member will return calls or emails within one business day. Established clients have access to 24-hour outreach. We will communicate our evaluation and treatment plan with those of your choosing, which can include your outside medical and mental health care providers, or family members. We follow all privacy laws and recognize the importance of confidentiality.

Respect & Treatment: You will be treated with the utmost respect during your interactions with our doctors and staff. You have a choice in providers and we work to earn and maintain your trust and confidence. Medical treatment is held to the highest standards of quality. Our clinicians use treatments supported by the most reliable and current research. You will be presented with options and will be an active participant in all treatment decisions.

Evaluation: The initial evaluation process starts with an hour appointment with a mental health professional. The initial evaluation can be performed by either a psychiatrist, nurse practitioner or a psychologist. We will evaluate the role of mental health issues in each client’s life, such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, ADHD, psychosis, impulsivity, mood swings, and substance abuse. If appropriate, medication can be prescribed and other parts of a recommended treatment plan can be implemented. Routine follow-up appointments can vary from half-hour medication management visits to hour-long psychotherapy visits. Many clients receive medication and psychotherapy, and often the combination of both is most effective.

Therapy: The goal of psychotherapy is to promote change by providing you with insight and new perspectives. Our therapists are experienced in a range of therapeutic techniques, including short-term problem focused treatment, and long-term, insight-oriented psychotherapy. Through gaining insight into past patterns and changing one’s view of the present, clients may have a more positive and meaningful life experience. In our work with clients, our goal is to create an emotionally safe and open environment where anything can be discussed in a professional and confidential manner.

Medication: Medications for psychiatric conditions intervene at the neurochemical level and can influence thinking and behavioral patterns. Professionals at Uptown Mental Health prescribe FDA-approved medications to treat a range of psychiatric conditions. You will have the opportunity to learn about a range of medication options and will be provided information about potential benefits and side effects. As an affiliate of the Uptown Research Institute, clients at Uptown Mental Health have the opportunity to learn about experimental research protocols for psychiatric conditions.

Clinical Trials: Uptown Research Institute is a clinical trials company specializing in the study and treatment of psychiatric and general medical disorders. We work in partnership with the pharmaceutical industry to conduct human research trials with the goal of improving patient outcomes. Uptown Research Institute houses Uptown Mental Health. If interested in any of our studies, visit the Studies page here.

FAQs: At Uptown Mental Health our clients come first. We welcome new and returning clients, and strive to provide everyone with excellent and comprehensive care. The following are frequently asked questions:

Is What I Say Confidential? We know your mental health treatment is personal and private. Likewise, we realize that one of the most important tools for our helping you is maintaining your privacy. We are ethically and legally bound to keep everything you say confidential unless we have your explicit written permission. The only exception to this rule is if you are an active danger to yourself or someone else.

Can I Email My Doctor or Therapist? Email and the internet have made life easier for us all. One way in which it can help you is by serving as a direct conduit between you and your provider. Our providers welcome email contact for routine, non-urgent matters, but not for emergencies and scheduling appointments. If you have an urgent matter, please call our office; in the case of an emergency, call 911, or go to your nearest emergency room. Administrative requests, like scheduling appointments, can be addressed by calling the office. Please remember, emails may not be fully secure or confidential.

Do You Accept Insurance? We accept most insurances, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, and Medicare, along with other private insurances. Please feel free to call us with your insurance information to check.

Where Are You Located? Where Should I Park? We are located at the southeast corner of Lawrence and Kenmore Avenues. We have a parking lot, and there is ample street parking. We are accessible by city buses and we are 2 blocks east of the Red Line’s Lawrence Ave El Stop. Please see our Contact page for a map and email contact.

What Time Do I Need To Arrive For My First Appointment? Please arrive 20 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time for the initial visit. Every client holds a reserved appointment time, so it is important to arrive as scheduled.

What Is The Cancellation Policy? We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. In order to avoid a charge for a late cancellation, please give our office notice of at least one business day (by Friday for Monday appointments).