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Here are the easy steps towards participating in one of our paid research studies.

All of our studies are clinical drug trials which test the safety and effectiveness of new psychiatric medication to treat either schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or major depressive disorder. Though each study is different, the steps for getting into any of our paid research studies are all the same.

Step One: Eligibility

You can check if you meet the basic requirements, such as age and diagnosis, by going to our Current Studies page.

Step Two: Phone Screen

You can call our friendly staff members at 773-989-8313 ext. 116 to do a quick phone conversation to help determine if one of our current studies is a good fit for you.

Step Three: On-Site Pre-Screen

You will meet with our Principal Investigator, Dr. John Sonnenberg, who will recommend a study that he believes best suits your psychiatric needs.

Step Four: Participate

If you choose to participate in the recommended study, then you will meet with the Study Coordinator to complete each visit in the study. For each visit you complete, you will be compensated and all transportation will be provided.

By participating in any study, you are helping to develop new medication to better treat mental illness.

Thank you for your interest in our paid research studies!