Uptown Research Institute is a clinical trials company specializing in the study and treatment of psychiatric and general medical disorders.  We work in partnership with the pharmaceutical industry to conduct human research trials with the goal of improving patient outcomes.  Through clinical trials research, we work to discover the safety and effectiveness of new medical treatments.  Our primary obligation is patient safety and wellness ensured through good clinical practices.


Clinical Research Trials

Clinical trials are a type of medical research that follow a rigorous scientific design, with strict criteria regarding who can participate.  Participants have the chance to gain access to cutting-edge treatment and contribute to science.  Uptown Research Institute enrolls participants in clinical research trials to help learn about new medications and treatments.  All study medications and study-related exams are provided to the participant
at no cost.  Enrolled individuals receive paid compensation at scheduled study visits.



If an individual meets general criteria for a study and would like to participate, the following steps take place:

  •  The individual is fully informed of the benefits and risks associated with the study and must be willing and able to volunteer.
  •  An examination confirms eligibility and fitness for participation.
  •  The individual then receives the study medication, or the matching placebo.  A placebo is an inactive medicine used as a comparator to evaluate
      the safety and efficacy of the study medication.
  •  Participants are assessed routinely throughout the study.


Benefits and Risks

All clinical research trials have a certain amount of associated benefit and risk.  Individuals who are selected to participate benefit by helping advance scientific understanding of new treatments.  Selected individuals also benefit by potentially gaining access to medications not yet available to the general public.  Certain risks also apply.  For some individuals, the experimental treatment may not be effective or may produce side effects.  Other participants may receive a placebo that has no treatment value (but is important for showing the effectiveness and safety of the real medicine being tested).


Uptown Mental Health, located within the Uptown Research Institute, provides psychiatric and counseling services.  Click here to visit our website.

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